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Petition to Expand HUD "Support Services" Funding From Local COCs

Sleepy Herd is raising funds to build our first high quality, 21st century parking lot for people who are temporarily living in their vehicles. 

Local continuum of Care programs that receive Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funding acknowledge that they can distribute grants to nonprofits in their area under "Support Services Only", and a 21st century first-rate parking lot would be designated and earmarked under this area.

US government building

The bidding process, per HUD guidelines, evaluates traditional homelessness solutions (shelters, affordable housing) higher than new solutions such as 21st century parking lots, so programs which continue to offer the same services are funded.

The primary goal is for a COC to rate high in points in terms of its applications, consequently resulting in more HUD funding to the COCs, meaning the criteria for bidding through the local COCs often expressly excludes such new programs and answers.

Because this is presently the status quo, vehicular homelessness continues to be a need that goes without funding year after year. This means that at the moment, we, and others with new solutions to homelessness must rely on individual donations.

We are calling on you to use your voice and tell the federal government that you want to see HUD "Support Services" funds be used for the creation of new, non-traditional homeless solutions.

Click here to visit and sign our Google Docs petition.

If you would like to get in touch with your local Continuum of Care, view this PDF link containing a list of all the COCs in the US: 

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