Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping the half of the homeless population that lives and sleeps in their vehicles in the United States.

All people are not able to get into shelters for various reasons including:

  • Splitting up families when a mother is unable to bring her teenaged son into an all-female shelter, or when a father is unable to bring his teenaged daughter into an all-male shelter

  • Those who are homeless who have mental illnesses/disorders that may want to carry on by themselves

  • Shelters that lack availability

  • Victims of domestic violence who flee a dangerous situation and have nowhere to go when social services have closed for the day

  • Those who must get rid of their pets, often their only form of emotional support, to enter the shelter

  • Those who may resist the curfews of shelters that require them to be under lock-and-key by a certain hour

Additionally, the national average waitlist time for affordable housing is 18 months, and those who live in their vehicles are often told to move along by law enforcement, who have nowhere for them to go.

Our Solution

Sleepy Herd's solution is the creation of beautiful, 21st century, designated parking lots for those who live in their vehicles to have a safe place to sleep at night.

How We Do It

  • The Herd advocates and navigates through federal and local governments to secure grants and monies to build parking lots that can provide a safe-haven and educational forum for families in transition.

  • The Herd organizes grass roots rallies to place maximum political pressure on government officials to act on our mission of eradicating homelessness. 

  • The Herd partners with state and local agencies to help guide available resources more efficiently.

  • The Herd partners with and provides a solution to Law Enforcement by providing a location where overnight designated parking is legal.

  • By placing our parking lots in economically depressed areas, the Herd uses this opportunity to revitalize the surrounding areas.

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